Manhattan Running Company Branding
Branding and logo designed for Manhattan Running Company by Doug Buseman in 2008.
Manhattan Running Company, Running Store, Branding, Logo, Doug Buseman
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Manhattan Running Company Branding

Branding, Logo
About This Project

In 2008, Ben Sigle and Trey Vernon opened Manhattan Running Company. Both Sigle and Vernon were runners in college at Oklahoma State University (hence the orange), and saw a need that was not being met in the Manhattan, KS area. Fitting runners with the proper footwear and managing race events across the Midwest, Manhattan Running Company was voted as one of the 50 Best Running Stores in America in 2016.


The clients wanted an easily recognizable logo design that would work on something as simple as a hang tag or t-shirt, yet hold its own on a larger sign. Centrally focused on the “M”, the lower part creates a sort of hill landscape representing the Flint Hills of Manhattan, KS. This also doubles as the top part of a shoe, while the bottom part of “MANHATTAN” creates the sole of the shoe.